Heroes and Ballyhoo
How the Golden Age of the 1920s Transformed American Sports
How sports changed America in the 1920s
HARDCOVER;  $27.50     $22.00
Hot Hand
The Statistics Behind Sports' Greatest Streaks
Why streaks happen and why they matter
HARDCOVER;  $24.95     $19.96
Jewish Sports Legends
The International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, Fourth Edition
Illuminates the lives and unforgettable accomplishments of Jews in virtually every major sport played worldwide.
PAPERBACK;  $26.95     $21.56
Man versus Ball
One Ordinary Guy and His Extraordinary Sports Adventures
One fan, one bucket list, one remarkable set of adventures
HARDCOVER;  $24.95     $19.96
The Poet Back To Top
The Life and Los Angeles Times of Jim Murray
Meet the best sportswriter of the twentieth century
HARDCOVER;  $27.50     $22.00
Tales from the Deadball Era
Ty Cobb, Home Run Baker, Shoeless Joe Jackson, and the Wildest Times in Baseball History
Baseball's coming of age
HARDCOVER;  $26.95     $21.56