Military Technology
American Technology Policy
Evolving Strategic Interests after the Cold War
Balancing the requirements of national security and economic competitiveness
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Command Legacy
A Tactical Primer for Junior Leaders of Infantry Units
Identifies the numerous details of the tactics, techniques, and procedures that small-unit leaders must master and execute
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Command Legacy
A Tactical Primer for Junior Leaders, Second Edition, Revised
The definitive source on small-unit tactics
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From A to B
How Logistics Fuels American Power and Prosperity
What America does best
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GPS Declassified Back To Top
From Smart Bombs to Smartphones
You are HERE
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Information Warfare
Separating Hype from Reality
Clarifies a critical topic for today's leaders
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Military Geography
For Professionals and the Public
An examination of geography's critical effects on battles throughout the ages
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Military Strategy
Principles, Practices, and Historical Perspectives
Provides an overview of the principles, theories, policies, and other fundamentals of modern warfare and their applications in the twenty-first century
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Misguided Weapons
Technological Failure and Surprise on the Battlefield
Analyzes how technological failure affects the conduct of warfare
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