Media Studies
American Avatar
The United States in the Global Imagination
Untangling the world's love-hate relationship with America
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
Beyond the Killing Fields
War Writings
The first collection of Sydney Schanberg's work to be published
HARDCOVER;  $27.50     $22.00
Freaking Out
A Decade of Living with Terrorism
The impact of 9/11 on American politics, the press, and the public mind-set
HARDCOVER;  $27.50     $22.00
Generation's End
A Personal Memoir of American Power After 9/11
Foreword by George Packer
The origins of the war on terrorism as seen from the New York Times’s op-ed desk
HARDCOVER;  $27.50     $22.00
How We Missed the Story Back To Top
Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, and the Hijacking of Afghanistan
Examining the U.S. foreign policy missteps leading up to 9/11
Into the Fray
How NBC's Washington Documentary Unit Reinvented the News
The revolutionary transformation of documentary television and the news in war, culture, and environmental preservation
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
Keepers of the Game
When the Baseball Beat was the Best Job on the Paper
The inside stories from baseball's legendary beat writers
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
The Obama Haters
Behind the Right-Wing Campaign of Lies, Innuendo & Racism
Crossing the line
HARDCOVER;  $24.95     $19.96
Shooting the Messenger
The Political Impact of War Reporting
Provides unique insight into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
Tortured Logic Back To Top
A Verbatim Critique of the George W. Bush Presidency
Foreword by Jonathan Alter
Hoisted by their own petards
HARDCOVER;  $34.95     $27.96
The "Ugly American" in the Arab Mind
Why Do Arabs Resent America?
The roots of America's image problem in the Middle East
HARDCOVER;  $27.50     $22.00