International Security
African Counterterrorism Cooperation
Assessing Regional and Subregional Initiatives
HARDCOVER;  $50.00     $40.00
PAPERBACK;  $25.00     $20.00
Al-Qa'ida's Doctrine for Insurgency
Abd al-Aziz al-Muqrin's "A Practical Course for Guerrilla War"
Translated and Analyzed by Norman Cigar
A window into Al-Qa'ida's strategic thinking
HARDCOVER;  $55.00     $44.00
PAPERBACK;  $26.95     $21.56
Asymmetrical Warfare
Today's Challenge to U.S. Military Power
PAPERBACK;  $24.95     $19.96
Capacity Building for Peacekeeping
The Case of Haiti
A case study of an increasingly necessary "military operation other than war"
PAPERBACK;  $40.00     $32.00
Cartels at War Back To Top
Mexico's Drug-Fueled Violence and the Threat to U.S. National Security
Beyond border control
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
Command Legacy
A Tactical Primer for Junior Leaders of Infantry Units
Identifies the numerous details of the tactics, techniques, and procedures that small-unit leaders must master and execute
PAPERBACK;  $24.95     $19.96
Cyberpower and National Security
Addresses the main security issues in cyberspace
PAPERBACK;  $39.95     $31.96
Defense Reform, Modernization, and Military Cooperation In Southeastern Europe
Provides an in-depth analysis of the defense policies, force structures, and defense industrial sectors of seven key Southeast European countries.
PAPERBACK;  $35.00     $28.00
Does Israel Have a Future?
The Case for a Post-Zionist State
An honest assessment of the Jewish state's chances for survival
HARDCOVER;  $27.50     $22.00
Drugs and Contemporary Warfare Back To Top
Broad coverage of the role of drugs in warfare and counterterrorism
HARDCOVER;  $39.95     $31.96
PAPERBACK;  $19.95     $15.96
Fighting Chance
Global Trends and Shocks in the National Security Environment
Edited by Neyla Arnas
Copublished with National Defense University Press
PAPERBACK;  $35.00     $28.00
Flawed Diplomacy
The United Nations & the War on Terrorism
Evaluates the UN’s counterterrorism role
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
The George W. Bush Defense Program
Policy, Strategy & War
An in-depth assessment of Bush's military policy and defense strategy
HARDCOVER;  $60.00     $48.00
PAPERBACK;  $24.95     $19.96
How We Missed the Story
Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, and the Hijacking of Afghanistan
Examining the U.S. foreign policy missteps leading up to 9/11
Information Operations Back To Top
Warfare and the Hard Reality of Soft Power
Explains the critical importance of information operations in future conflict
PAPERBACK;  $24.00     $19.20
Information Operations Matters
Best Practices
A new approach to U.S. information operations
PAPERBACK;  $22.50     $18.00
Insurgency and Terrorism
From Revolution to Apocalypse, Second Edition, Revised
"A gold mine for the library of any serious student of revolutionary warfare. This may well be the most in-depth and scholarly treatise on insurgency and terrorism of the decade." -Gen. P. X. Kelley, USMC (Ret.), former commandant of the Marine Corps
PAPERBACK;  $21.95     $17.56
Iran's Revolutionary Guard
The Threat That Grows While America Sleeps
A threat to America more formidable than al Qaeda
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
Korean Unification
Inevitable Challenges
One day, one nation on the Korean Peninsula
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
The Last Days of Kim Jong-il Back To Top
The North Korean Threat in a Changing Era
The dictator's legacy
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
Latin America in the Post-Chávez Era
The Security Threat to the United States
And we thought Castro was a problem
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
Leading at the Speed of Light
New Strategies for U.S. Security in the Information Age
A guide for the twenty-first century leader
HARDCOVER;  $39.95     $31.96
PAPERBACK;  $19.95     $15.96
NATO 2.0
Reboot or Delete?
The reinvention of NATO
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
Nerve Center
Inside the White House Situation Room
Includes dozens of personal reminiscences and anecdotes from presidents, national security advisers, and other officials connected with the Situation Room
PAPERBACK;  $16.95     $13.56
Nuclear Power and the Spread of Nuclear Weapons Back To Top
Can We Have One without the Other?
Sounds a resonant warning for policymakers, think tanks, environmentalists, and activists
PAPERBACK;  $27.95     $22.36
Radical Islam in America
Salafism's Journey from Arabia to the West
Reveals the inroads of radical Islam in the West since the 1960s
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
Seeing the Elephant
The U.S. Role in Global Security
An intellectual history of the post–Cold War period
HARDCOVER;  $60.00     $48.00
PAPERBACK;  $30.00     $24.00
Shadow Wars
Chasing Conflict in an Era of Peace
The evolution of war, up close and personal
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
Strategic Challenges
America's Global Security Agenda
Experts analyze seven key security challenges
HARDCOVER;  $65.00     $52.00
PAPERBACK;  $35.00     $28.00
The Terrorist Threat from Thailand Back To Top
Jihad or Quest for Justice?
The first book to thoroughly examine the terrorist conflict in Thailand in the context of global jihad
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
Transforming America's Israel Lobby
The Limits of Its Power and the Potential for Change
Proposes an alternative pro-Israel lobby that liberals can support
HARDCOVER;  $24.95     $19.96
Virtual Caliphate
Exposing the Islamist State on the Internet
Exposes the fallacy of al Qaeda’s “statelessness”
HARDCOVER;  $26.95     $21.56
War and Destiny
How the Bush Revolution in Foreign and Military Affairs Redefined American Power
Analyses the genesis of, and flaws in, the Bush administration's truly revolutionary answer to the question underlying world affairs: How will America wield its predominant power?
HARDCOVER;  $27.50     $22.00
PAPERBACK;  $17.95     $14.36
War of the Flea
The Classic Study of Guerrilla Warfare
Presents numerous case studies of guerrilla insurgencies and the different options for official government responses
PAPERBACK;  $24.95     $19.96
Who's Watching the Spies? Back To Top
Establishing Intelligence Service Accountability
Experts from around the globe look at protecting secrets while maintaining liberties
PAPERBACK;  $25.00     $20.00
Why Secret Intelligence Fails
Former CIA senior official tells what's wrong with the system
HARDCOVER;  $26.95     $21.56
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