Ancient History
The Military Biography of Rome's Greatest Enemy
The life of Rome's fiercest would-be conquerer
HARDCOVER;  $34.95     $27.96
Man and Wound in the Ancient World
A History of Military Medicine from Sumer to the Fall of Constantinople
Primum no nocere
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
Philip II of Macedonia
Greater Than Alexander
The military genius of Philip II of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
Scipio Africanus
Rome's Greatest General
Highlighting the greatest general of the Roman Empire
HARDCOVER;  $30.00     $24.00
Thutmose III Back To Top
The Military Biography of Egypt's Greatest Warrior King
Egypt's most brilliant commander
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96