Political Science
Does Israel Have a Future?
The Case for a Post-Zionist State
An honest assessment of the Jewish state's chances for survival
HARDCOVER;  $27.50     $22.00
Why Not Here?
A cautionary examination of America's ongoing risk of fascism
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
Lethal Logic
Exploding the Myths That Paralyze American Gun Policy
Systematically refutes the bumper-sticker logic of the gun lobby
HARDCOVER;  $29.95     $23.96
Tortured Logic
A Verbatim Critique of the George W. Bush Presidency
Foreword by Jonathan Alter
Hoisted by their own petards
HARDCOVER;  $34.95     $27.96
Warfare Welfare Back To Top
The Not-So-Hidden Costs of America's Permanent War Economy
Reveals the true economic price of a “forever war”
HARDCOVER;  $65.00     $52.00
PAPERBACK;  $32.95     $26.36
Worshipping the Myths of World War II
Reflections on America's Dedication to War
A WWII veteran's controversial perspective
HARDCOVER;  $24.95     $19.96
PAPERBACK;  $16.95     $13.56