America Goes to War

Photographic histories that offer concise and highly readable accounts of American armed force's throughout history. Each contains over 400 black and white photos that depict the grim realities of war on land, in the air, and at sea.

Aviation Classics

Inspired non-fiction and fictional accounts that reveal the human drama of flight. The series covers every era of military and civil aviation, is international in scope, and encompasses flying in all of its diversity. Some of the books are well-known best sellers and others are superb, but unheralded, titles which deserve a wider audience. Series Editors: Walter J. Boyne and Peter B. Mersky.

Cornerstones of Military History

A series that brings back into print titles that are the essential foundations of military history and the basis for modern scholarship.

Essential Bibliography Series

The books in the Essential Bibliographiy series include an essay by a noted scholar on the important historiographical issues and a pertinent bibliography for a particular period or theme in military history. They serve as research tools for librarians, researchers, and readers with a professional interest and as a starting point for pursuing further studies.

History of War

An affordable paperback series that offers well-informed commentary on major conflicts.

Issues in the History of American Foreign Relations

Examines major events, individuals, and trends in U.S. foreign relations, from the founding era to the present, emphasizing how they shaped the course of national and world history. Intended primarily for use as supplemental texts in introductory and appropriate upper-level college courses, each book has a concise narrative format and includes a brief collection of primary source documents.

Issues in Twenty-First Century Warfare

Memories of War

An affordable paperback series illustrates the personal realities of war as experienced by combatants and civilians, in recent conflicts as well as those of the distant past.

Military Blunders

At last, the best selling Blunders series has become available in the United States. Originally published in England by Guinness, these special editions have been specially rewritten and upgraded with additional American material and many new illustrations.

Military Controversies

Military Profiles

Essential treatments of the lives of significant historical figures. Each book includes the details that one finds in a full-length biography and addresses a theme that explains which aspects of a subject's character, background, or behaviour makes him or her worthy of our attention today.

Most Wanted™

The popular series of informative, irreverent, and humourous trivia books on topics ranging from sports to science to entertainment.

Photographic Histories

Each title contains over 100 photographs or illustrations, many of which were previously unpublished.

Potomac's Paperback Classics

From the rich Potomac backlist comes a new series of well-priced paperbacks, Potomac’s Paperback Classics. Ranging from $8.95 to $9.95, all the books in this series have been very favorably reviewed. The first, scheduled for spring/summer 2007, are Hitler: The Pathology of Evil by George Victor and Amelia: A Life of the Aviation Legend by Donald M. Goldstein and Katherine V. Dillon. Check back here for future series announcements.

Shapers of International History

This biography series covers world leaders and diplomats who made a profound impact on the history of international relations during the modern era. The book sin this series will provide concise but probing portraits of these men and women who dramatically influenced and sometimes transformed the international public environment. Each book offers a narrative overview of its subject's life and character while also providing a critical examination of the person's policymaking career. The authors in this series are distinguished scholars who are writing for students and general readers who want a sophisticated introduction to their subject

Test Series

This is a test

The Warriors

An affordable paperback series that focuses on individuals throughout history and from around the world who have excelled at the profession of arms.